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Private helicopter pilot Amy George

Introduce yourself

My name is Amy George, I’m 22 years old and grew up in Hertfordshire, UK. 

What type of flying do you do? Hobby flying, utility, charter?

I currently have my PPL and I'm building my hours towards my commercial license. Just enjoying every single flight as it comes. 

How many hours do you have?

I currently have 153 hours logged.

What type ratings do you hold?

I only fly the Cabri G2 currently, but on my way to getting my R44 rating.

Can you share your most memorable time as a pilot and what made it so memorable?

My most memorable moment was probably taking my dad flying for the first time (I was 18 years old). My whole life, he has been showing me how to do things and he has always looked after me, but when I took him flying, it was like the rolls were reversed. I was the one looking after him! It was pretty amazing.

When was your first solo flight?

My first solo was January 18th 2015, I was 17 years old. I remember this like it was yesterday - I sang to myself the whole time (including checking all the checks!) to stay calm!

Is there one item you always take flying with you? 

My sunnies for sure. 

How come you decided to fly helicopters and not planes?

I’ve always been attracted to helicopters since I was a toddler, never planes. Planes make me feel air sick - and they’re no way as cool! Can you land a plane at a pub for lunch? Nope!!

What was your worst flying experience?

I don’t think you have any bad experiences flying as I believe all fights should be a learning curve and taken as a good experience! I personally haven’t had too many bad experiences, although I do remember feeling extremely air sick during a lesson where I was at the point of almost passing out so I had to end the lesson early! Curse them strong winds and strong sun heating up the cabin!

If you weren't in aviation, what do you think you'd you be doing?

I would be working towards becoming a detective! When I used to think that my helicopter pilot job was purely a dream, I was keen to get started in the forces!

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