Getting to know pilot instructor Luke Pawley

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Introduce yourself


My name is Luke Pawley, I’m 21 years old and grew up in the Cotswolds but now live in sunny Mallorca flying. 


What type of flying do you do?


Most of my flying is teaching but I also do a lot of pleasure flying in the Balearic’s.


How many hours do you have


470 hours total time. 


What type ratings do you hold? 


I’m rated on the R22, R44 and B206. 


Can you share your most memorable time as a pilot and what made it so memorable?


Flying in an R44 with my parents and brother down to Devon for the day to my grandparent’s farm for lunch, then taking them flying. The smile on their faces made that a memorable moment. 


When was your first solo flight?


26th November 2015 was my first solo. 


Is there one item you always take flying?


My sunglasses as it’s nearly always sunny in Mallorca. 


How come you decided to fly helicopters and not planes?


I found them a lot more interesting from a young age and was fascinated by the way they could hover and land in such small spaces without a runway. 


What was your worst flying experience?


My worst flying experience was having a R22 loose engine power in the hover but landed it safely, that really scared me and made me sweat. 


If you weren’t in aviation, what do you think you’d be doing?

If not in aviation then I would probably have a boring office job looking out of the window at aircraft wishing I was in the air.


Instagram: @luke.pawley


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